WeBWorK is an Internet-based system for generating and delivering homework problems to students. Its goal is to make homework more effective and efficient. It increases the effectiveness of traditional homework as a learning tool.

Malcolm Harper


Michèle Titcombe


They Said...

  • I like the green bar that shows up when I get the right answer. It's encouraging.
    Champlain WeBWorK Student
  • Its different from doing problems on paper, its really fast and it is really my generation.
    Champlain WeBWorK Student
  • I liked the way it is online and you can do it at home and know whether it is immediately correct or wrong.
    Champlain WeBWorK Student
  • I can fix my mistakes while the problem is fresh in my mind.
    Champlain WeBWorK Student
  • I understand the problems better when given the ability to correct them. Champlain WeBWorK Student
  • It gives us a chance to correct our own mistakes which helps me learn better. Champlain WeBWorK Student

August 18, 2021

The Champlain WeBWorK system has been moved to a new host located in Toronto, Canada. The WeBWorK version is now 2.16. More details can be found in the release notes.